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Learning Management System
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Managing Course Content
Create and Sell with Ease

Easily manage your Videos, PowerPoint presentations, Live recordings etc. Package them into a single course using our offline course builder - Techniq Portfolio and put them up for your customers. Add quizzes to test their knowledge base. You can also use any SCORM compliant course builder for creating your courses and host them here. Track scores and auto-certify them.

Managing Live Classroom Training

If you deliver instructor led training (ILT) at a physical location in traditional brick and mortar style you could use our system to manage those classes. Attendees can register online, you can view and update the roster at anytime and free yourself of all the manual paper work. You can also update the attendance/certification status after your class is completed. If you conduct paper-based tests as part of the class you can enter the scores in the system after the class as well.

Tracking & Reporting: A Robust Reporting System

Reporting is absolutely key to the training process. Our platform provides you the ability to run reports on Users, Usage, Courses, Registrations, Payments, Certifications based on various filters (and combination of filters). The data can then be exported to spreadsheets. Over a dozen reports to choose from.

Seamless Integrations with APIs

In addition to these our platform provides APIs. Just as we can integrate with other web applications, those who have the IT resources can take advantage of our APIs to integrate with our platform.

Quick and Personalized support

Enjoy a 24/7 reliable online support. We love to hear from our customers! Listening to our customers has helped us evolve our product over the years. So be rest assured, we will respond to your doubts, queries, suggestions, feedbacks in a timely manner. You can throw anything at us and we will be ready for that :) because we value our customers more than anything.

Understand eLearning

E-learning comprises all forms of electronically supported learning/teaching.

Software as a Service

The Techniq™ Online University is available as a software as service solution.


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