Techniqâ„¢ Mobile (Android application for Tablet PC)

Techniq Mobile is an Android application that lets end users access courses on the Techniq platform. You can purchase courses, take courses, attempt quizzes, download certificates and enjoy a whole host of features from your Android tablet.

Why Android application?
  • Most course content is in flash so we chose the Android platform instead of the iPad.
  • Simple touch screen for invoking any application.
  • Usage in environments not conducive to a keyboard and mouse such as lying in bed, standing, or handling with a single hand.
  • Touch environment makes navigation easier than conventional use of keyboard and mouse or touch pad.
What you could do with Android App?
  • All features of Techniq University are available with a look and feel suite to a tablet environment.
  • Easy to invoke and launch courses with a single touch.
  • Easy system access
  • Secure, reliable and scalable solution