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Techniq™ Certifier

Create and Update Custom Certification Programs Quickly, Easily and Economically

Certification - The ability of your enterprise to test a variety of employees, customers and partners against well-defined standards is an increasingly important part of online quality initiatives. But given the dynamic nature of today's high technology products and services, web-based certification programs often become quickly obsolete, are difficult to maintain and provide results simply not reflective of individual skills and knowledge.

Techniq™ Certifier helps you accomplish your multi-faceted certification goals, quickly and effectively. It equips your organization with a simplified means to create, modify and enhance web-based certification testing programs, using custom exam content that can be instantaneously updated. And Techniq™ Certifier accomplishes this all via a comprehensive, proven and economical hosted solution. That means limited investment with maximum return, all delivered in a matter of weeks!

Techniq™ Certifier enables you to easily create and maintain certification exams and perform testing and evaluation, leveraging the availability and economy of the Internet. It's benefits include:

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