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Techniq™ SMS
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Portal for Schools

Software as a Service

The Techniq™ Online University is available as a software as service solution. This means that you have no software to install or no IT infrastructure to worry about. We customize the system according to your branding so the training site looks similar to your website and make sure that its always available 24x7. Besides, you can scale the system to suit your usage. The greater the number of users of the system the less you pay per user. The other advantage of a software as a service solution is that our solution can be integrated with other Web-based applications. For example, our solution is integrated with Webex™ products, Salesforce™, and payment gateways such as Paypal™ and™

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WebEx™ Integration

Vitalect's Techniq™ Platform is seamlessly integrated with WebEx™ Training Center products. This means you can have one unified interface to administer, track and report on all your online learning offerings - self-paced, synchronous live sessions via the web, and a unique combination of both forms of learning. In other words, the end-user can login to the system and browse through a listing of courses that include Self-paced courses, Instructor-led training courses, Webinars (WebEx™ Training Center/Event Center), Podcasts, Videos etc.

Seamless Registration

End-users can register for Webinars without ever visiting the WebEx™ Training Center site. This process can also be tied to eCommerce payment gateways and discounts through coupon management.

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Techniq™ Online University is an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS).

Software as a Service

The Techniq™ Online University is available as a software as service solution.