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Consistency and Quality

It is a known fact that in restaurant business, for example, people almost always expect the highest quality deliverance. Quick, timely service and accurate knowledge of the food that is served can surely win the hearts and minds of customers. This requires consistency in the dissemination of knowledge and standard practices to employees. It also requires managers to know exactly how well their direct reports are trained and where they need help. Besides, this is doubly important because you are often dealing with temporary staff.

Service with a smile

The Techniq online training platform which is easily accessible to employees 24x7 helps address this challenge. Managers can track their direct reports and assign them courses when required. Monthly reports can be generated to submit to upper management. Employees can access the training anytime and from pretty much anywhere as long as they have Internet access. Likewise courses can be updated anytime and new ones can setup in a matter of minutes.

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