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The Symptoms

Training in the Healthcare industry is huge challenge. And this is an understatement. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals need to be trained all year round. They need to earns CEUs and most importantly be at the cutting edge of their work. Dealing with human lives is far more mission critical than most other professions imaginable. Healthcare organizations are required to maintain stringent multi-year records for compliance purposes.

Busy Professionals

Healthcare professionals are almost always busy. The shortage of professionals only adds to their complete lack of time. The question is how do they find the time to be trained and keep up? They obviously can't travel just for training purposes. Nevertheless, they have to be trained!

The Cure

The Techniq online training platform which can manage various possible types of training delivery like Self-paced, traditional Classroom Training and Virtual classes can help address this challenge. Healthcare professionals from pretty much anywhere can access the training platform via the Internet and sign-up for classes at their own convenience in a self-service fashion. On completion of courses they can receive certificates of completion along with details of CE earned. On the Administrative side you can assign courses and generate reports on an as needed basis. No more of the maintain records in hard copy or updating spreadsheets! Its all there, when you need it, 24x7.

Using our platform you can clearly achieve greater productivity, a better trained workforce, and eliminate paper work!

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