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Are You Using APIs to Gain Competitive Advantage? Read this interesting piece in the HBR.

What do Uber (taxi services), Airbnb (lodging services), Facebook (social networking), Alibaba (e-commerce), and Paypal (online payment) have in common? The obvious things include: All of them drive their core operations on internet platforms and have astronomically high valuations without any notable physical assets. Not so apparent, however, is the fact that they excel at using Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to drive competitive advantage.

As we highlighted in an earlier article, APIs are a technology that allow firms to interact and share information with other firms at an unprecedented scale, taking advantage of the far-reaching progress in digitization and the rising influence of software in our day-to-day lives.

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Storage Apps
Apps Related to File Storage
  • File
    Upload your files and access them via URL
  • Assignments
    Assign documents to learners and let them submit their completed assignments back to the system
  • Documents
    Share public documents with learners
More Apps
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